Download Windows 8.1 Pro ISO File Legally Without Product Key | Redmond Pie
  • Oscar M. Germán

    please send me an activation key for 8.1 pro… I’d appreciate it

  • Pranjal Tiwari

    NO Its wont allow you until unless you have a key, also activation needs a genuine key

  • Pranjal Tiwari

    Well they haven’t mentioned that one would need a genuine key to install and activate windows

  • J1mmy1985

    Well I sure as well don’t want to be mature, who on earth decided that was better? Old people I bet. Also I love how I am the scum when my windows is paid and these leaches are pirating it…

  • mrgerbik

    OEM dosent mean it has crapware installed – its just a key that will only work on the laptop brand it was installed on.
    Microsoft sells one key to vendors that they use to install on 1000’s of machines

  • Shingo

    so it still need to pay?

  • 5723alex .

    This way you will get Windows 10 RTM with license key even if you run XP,Vista, Linux, OSX.

  • Szolnoki Sarolta

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  • Szulák Mária

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  • Mohsin

    Thank you . Let’s see if it works

  • Anjospot

    No, you gotta pay. If you don’t want to pay for it then buy a new computer. Get an activation key for free is ILLEGAL and its thief. I was like you until I decided not to do that. Its base on the honesty. Don’t be a coward. Most human is MONSTER, DISGUSTING and EVIL. Don’t be one of them! THINK! Its wrong and you should buy one.

  • Anjospot

    Wow, no wonder you are inhumanity. Sometimes, I wonder why you ever breath on Earth. Earth deserve to have a compassion, mercy, and respect people. You are not one of them unless you changed your way. GROW UP!

  • Anjospot

    NO. Buy it yourself!

  • Anjospot

    No they aren’t going to email you.. BUY ONE yourself!

  • Anjospot

    Its false.. You must have a product key.. No, you have to buy one.. Don’t be stupid!

  • Anjospot

    No. buy one yourself and who cares about this picture. You silly!

  • Anjospot

    No, buy yourself, please. Thats a thief, you know!

  • Anjospot

    Well, that’s true that they are the monsters who greedy after our money. However, if you get it any way you can is the scum and cowardly and lower than they are.

    Buy Apple and save your money. That’s what I did. I was a long time Windows user and I fed up with Microsoft and their greedy moneys for new windows every time! Watch your attitude, thanks.

    That’s why I bought Apple and they always update leopard through yosemite free so its a good deal than Microsoft keep release new versions and still cost us to buy again and again. Its annoying.

  • Noel Hibbard

    This lets you download the media. That is all. You still need a key to install. Why does this same article keep getting posted over and over? What is this the 3rd time now? I guess because it always generates lots of clicks due to all the confusion of people thinking its a free copy of windows.

  • Anjospot

    Tell that to redmondpie team, they don’t read it anyway.

  • bryan mojalott

    If I’m running windows 8.1 single language. Can I donwload Windows 8.1 pro and running it without a product key?. I hope someone can help me!

  • Oliver Kiss

    I was thinking the exact same thing! I came wondering if this time they TRULY meant one could install it without a key. Nope.

  • SaIvett

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  • Pat B

    I have a legal Windows 10 I just upgraded from Windows 8.1 tablet but deleted out the windows.old files… Can I use my key from WIndows 10 to download and install 8.1 on my tablet which seems to run smoother.

  • icorrupted

    well. you have to watch out your attitude first, before you ask someone else.
    your attitude worst than an animal

  • traxxion

    Wow… how exactly do you save money buying from Apple? and how exactly are they better than Microsoft, when they are by far the richest tech company on Earth? The reason OS X is upgraded for free is simple – it isn’t any good and Apple make BILLIONS out of selling overpriced junk.
    Plus Windows 10 has been offered as a free upgrade, so that puts that to rest as well.

  • shobha suraj

    well this is an easy way to download ISO file.

    I used this because my original PRODUCT ID is not working for downloading ISO file.

    please tell me that using this ISO file will delete my original license of pre installed windows 8???? actually I am trying to reinstall my windows.

    Reply is needed.

  • Thanks Alot Man. Going To Create Media Hope Its Works.

  • SurfaceUnits

    This is an update. you have to be running Windows 8 and start the setup.exe from this download

  • SurfaceUnits

    this only upgrades from 8 to 8.1 not an upgrade edition

  • Hatem Mahmoud

    if he decide to don t do this another will do so i think it useless

  • Hatem Mahmoud

    if u can do better than MICROSOFT we Enthusiastically waiting for the best !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vladamir


  • Oliver Kiss

    Ummm Ok….

  • Vladamir

    google it.

  • Brenda H. Nelson

    Is there one of these for 10? MS promised us it would come automatically last August 2015. It’s now 1.25.16 and no sign of it yet and scouring the internet and the Microsoft website thus far has only led me in endless circles. Anyone?

  • Brenda H. Nelson

    How did you get 10. Free upgrade? If yes tell me how…please!

  • Brenda H. Nelson

    Thanks alot!

  • Daniel

    My computer has crashed and I have a USB flash drive but I don’t have another computer. is there a way I could use my iPhone to download it and then plug the USB cord from my iphone to the laptop that had crash – thank you


    There’s been one since 10 released, that’s how I got it on release.

  • Ishmal Jutt

    Very informative content bro., But MS did not allow to download iso using oem key, as I just bought windows 8.1 pro product key from ODosta Store, after that I insert it on Microsoft official site to get official iso, but they told this is pre-installed OEM key, Which through I cannot download Microsoft official iso, At this condition, can you tell me, Where to download MS official ISO.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Ishmal Jutt

    Thanks bro. for informative post, I know OEM product keys can be use after reinstalling your OS, As before one month, I bought a new key from ODosta Store, I use it to activate my OS, But after one month my OS was crashed, So I was worried, If I need to buy a new product to activate my OS after re-installation, But I use the old one and it worked perfectly.

  • Divyansh Anjula Saxena

    I have downloaded this file…. From where i can get product key..i bot new laptop with Free Dos…

  • Markito King Soler

    ebay is your friend

  • Jeff Brown

    You are seriously raging against Microsoft and their useless crap while trying to steal it so you can use it for free?

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